Stree overlord ingredients

Stree overlord ingredients

Stree overlord by Japan this corporation is the international biotechnology company exclusive research and development of patent type functional fill kidney zhuang Yang male health food, including 12 improve the pure natural plant male function, the company by decades of research scientists, the world’s most advanced purification technology and international advanced production equipment, and to the kidney strong sun increase output has dual efficacy penis men features added food, can in the short time NaZhu revive your penis, remodeling man ecru.

Stree overlord global launch later has sold the tens of millions of sales, has for countless men friends bring happiness and joy.

In the use process, some male friends may stree overlord ingredients not to the understanding of the special, here today we further understand the stree overlord ingredients.

Stree overlord ingredients: ginseng (root), hippocampus, medlar, multi-rich nutrients and unique strong sun drug extract.

Sep stree overlord ingredients: ginseng (root), ginseng for nourishing and strong medicine, almost known around the world. Sometimes often will ginseng and lateral isothermal strong yuan Yang drug compatibility use to circulation failure treatment, the power loss, in order to improve the body to anoxia tolerance ability, have “back to Yang save inverse” effect. But in these cases, the wild and choose for good, move and garden and then appears scabbling strength cannot and. If hot faint or phlegm what warm gas faint, is not all applications. There significant anti-fatigue effect, can improve sleep and emotional. So, for different types of neurasthenia patients, all have good treatment effect, can make the patient weight gain, eliminate or reduce systemic fatigue, headaches, the symptom such as insomnia. Animal testing found that ginseng can also relieve or eliminate the chloroform? The adrenaline cause of disease such as insomnia palpitation.

Stree overlord ingredients explanation: the hippocampus, seahorses can warm the kidney Yang, the treatment of renal Yang deficiency of the impotence, enuresis, asthma. Pharmacology experiment proved that the hippocampus extract male hormone kind function, gram the hippocampus ethanol extracts can make estrogen mice for a longer period.

Stree overlord ingredients explanation: medlar, medlar have the liver and kidney, benefit essence, long muscle, improve complexion, improving eyesight to tranquilize the nerves, wind to virtual, prolong life, had the effect of bones and muscles. Liver and kidney Yin kui, blood deficiency of yellow, virtual consumptive disease to fine kui, lumbar debility, dizzy wait for disease have significant effect. Used for liver and kidney empty caustic, JingXie shortage, lumbar debility, dizziness tinnitus, spermatorrhea, infertility; Kidney essence deficit, nearly dry mouth, urinary frequency red tongue; JingXie can’t sgick in the yard, and his eyes are dim, ision loss.

See the stree overlord ingredients and the effect of components, we can see that stree overlord is a natural plant component developed in, its effect we according to its composition can get the answer, mainly is the kidney strong sun, yiqi born essence, enhance sexual function, main is to improve your body function cure purpose!

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